The Problem: Ahphter was a new brand wanting to kickstart their visual presence as a premium home decor brand, selling handcrafted pottery made in Mexico. They needed branding that would separate them from the rest, including a font that was simple, timeless, and premium. So, they reached out to me!

The Process: Lots of scouring Adobe Fonts, and lots and lots of different font pairings.

The Solution: I created a stylish and classic brand mark that is now the face of the company. I also created examples of various marketing materials to provide creative direction.

"Julia is extremely talented and professional. Communication was great, she replied promptly. What I really enjoyed from working with her is she was able to grasp and envision what I wanted and made it come to life. I will definitely recommend her with my friends and acquaintances!"
Anais Rivera, Ahphter

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